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Re: [APD] RE: Aquatic vs Aquarium Plants -- or - when is an Aquarium just a bucket and other rough distinctions

Surely living underwater is a criterion? Hmmm, some times
slow death is counted as living submerged. How fast does a
plant have to die to be counted as nonaquatic? I guess one
could try to draw a line between never getting better after
being submerged and not getting worse.

"Keep the aspidistra flying!"  ;-)

--- Mark & Peta <mbethke at socal_rr.com> wrote:
> Good Point Steve,
> Trying to put one definition to the term "aquatic plant"
> is like putting a
> single term to the word "Weed".
> "A weed is any plant going out of place."
> This term is so broad and can be tagged to just about
> anything.
> An aquatic plant is termed with a loose definition too.
> What plants can live
> in a completely submerged realm? Aspidistra or parlor
> plant (also called
> Iron plant) is not an aquatic at all, it doesn't even
> grow near water much
> less found underwater but it's such a hardy plant that it
> can live
> submerged. it can also live without water, in fact it can
> fit into just
> about any environment except cold weather.
> So is a terrestrial plant defined as a plant that can't
> live submerged for
> it's normal lifespan? Or is an aquatic plant defined as a
> plant that cannot
> live terrestrially? Boy that's tough, since many plants
> fall into a category
> of "Semi-aquatic" or "Semi-Terrestrial" ??

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