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Re: [APD] Aquatic vs Aquarium Plants

Well, the words mean what people use them to mean, no more
no less.

When one asks what a word means, it's only nautural to also
ask, "who is using, and how."

Some folks even call some sorts of molded plastics,

Scott H.
--- Stephan Mifsud <labmdp at waldonet_net.mt> wrote:
> Steve Pushak  said: 'The "definition" of aquatic plant is
> made entirely
> based upon arbitrary
> classification for some other purpose; there is no hard
> biological
> distinction.'
> This is something which bothers me. I think we are
> constantly using the term
> 'aquatic-plants' instead of 'aquarium-plants'. There ARE
> distinct biological
> characterics that are only found in aquatic plants. A
> truely aquatic plant
> grows in water, in Nature, and the aquatic habitat is
> essential for it to
> complete its life cycle. This defenition rules out marsh
> plants, rheophytes
> and other water-side plants such as Samolus, Saururus,
> Anubias and a host of
> other plants which we routinely grow in aquariums.
> Many of the latter live in places which are routinely
> flooded so they can
> adapt to life in/under water, which is why they are
> suitable for aquariums.
> They live naturally in such conditions because they can,
> not because they
> need to, so why call them aquatic? We frequently see
> humans and dogs in the
> sea but that does not make them marine mammals.
> Try convincing a botanist that 'lawn grass' is aquatic
> just because you have
> grown it in an aquarium!

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