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[APD] Re: Aquatic vs Aquarium Plants

>>This is something which bothers me. I think we are constantly using the
'aquatic-plants' instead of 'aquarium-plants'. There ARE distinct biological
characterics that are only found in aquatic plants. A truely aquatic plant
grows in water, in Nature, and the aquatic habitat is essential for it to
complete its life cycle. This defenition rules out marsh plants, rheophytes
and other water-side plants such as Samolus, Saururus, Anubias and a host of
other plants which we routinely grow in aquariums.<<

I disagree. Talk to any wetland biologist, and the definition of an aquatic
plant is any plant growing in water even if its only an inch deep. So this
would include any bog, swamp, or marsh plant. or floating plant for that
matter. If you look at the "Pond Plant" industry you will find many water
plants that are not suitable for the aquarium.  The pond industry has their
own classifications, marginals, floaters, edge, submerse, oxygenators...
Look at how the USA government defines aquatic plants... the aquarium has
little to do with it.

Robert Hudson

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