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Re: [APD] Tee for a CO2 tank?

You can get header systems that allow multiple connections
of varius types, for example:


or for a variety of manifold fittings, check here for part
number T4-320 about 3/4s the way down the page and part
MB-20 a little further down the page:


Strictly indutrial suppliers and probably special order.

Otoh, the CGA fittting that goes on the tank threads into
the regulator, usually ends with an NPT 1/4" or 1/8"
fitting or a 1/2"-27 male thread. It should be simple
enough to get common brass fittings that fit onto that and
allow you to then connect as many regulators as you want.

The very simplest method would be to put a small manifold
after a single regulator and use metering valves on each
line fromthe manifold. The idea being to use the regulator
to get the gas pressure down to a working level and then
manipulate it after that.

Good luck, however you end up going, a little champagne
music, Max, turn ona the bubble machine ;-)
--- David Grim <grim1214 at bellsouth_net> wrote:
> Hi everyne,
> Does  anyone know of a tee that is made for a CO2 tank,
> meaning the tee
> attaches to the cylinder, then a regulator can be
> attached to each side of
> the tee? I want to run two independent CO2 systems off
> the same cylinder.
> I have never seen a tee like this available. A manifold
> will not work for my
> application.
> Thanks for any help.
> Dave
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