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[APD] Re: Lost an oto, not sure why

Michael Skidmore is having trouble with his Otocinclus:



If the tests are correct, NO2 killed your Oto and will kill all the 
others if not dealt with quickly.  In my experience, Otos are *very* 
sensitive to any amount of nitrite.  And though your other fishes may 
seem ok, they are probably stressed as well; nitrite is highly toxic.

I suggest a series of large water changes to keep the nitrite as low 
as possible (get a dependable kit -- Hach or LaMotte -- if you can 
afford it.  Hach's nitrate test kit, NI-14, can also test for nitrite 
btw).  Ask your LFS if they can give you some seasoned floss or 
something from a mature filter, and add it to yours.  You can also 
add Seachem Prime per label instructions to keep the NO2 sequestered. 
 I don't have much faith in the "bacteria boosters" that are sold, so 
I would not depend on them too much.

You should try and determine what the source of the NO2 is.  IME, it 
is very unusual to find nitrite in a fully planted tank no matter how 
newly set up it is.

Best of luck to you and your Otos.
Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee

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