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[APD] Re: Thoughts on RO and the environment

Wright Huntley writes: 

>Perhaps you need to observe how we actually use RO water! The so-called 
>"waste" water is almost indistinguishable from the tap water (do the 
>arithmetic) and works great in harder-water tanks, drip-irrigation 
>systems, etc. In water-scarce regions, we sure as hell don't just dump 
>it down the drain! The stuff is way to precious to do that.

Good for you, Wright, but what about the others on the list.  Some don't have 
rift lake tanks.  Getting it into an irrigation system is not 
straight-forward.  Not everyone does it.

Whoa there Bob! Ever look at what it takes to first make, then charge 
and rinse those resins?
 Actually , I've done my own recharging .  the cost of the chemicals is 
minimal.  Making the resins, I don't know about.

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