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Re: [APD] Minibow 7 Light Retrofit Kit Suggestions... 1x32 or 2x13?

The only basis I've ever heard offered for the calim that
smaller aquaria need more light han largers ones is that
somebody measured the amount of light Amano used on diff
tanks in one of his books.

TNo one has ever offred anything approach scientific
method, data re results or even a halfway credible
hypothesis why plants ned more light when the glass wall
are closer.

I could be wrong, but based on the info presented so far, I
put it under the heading of poppycock.

Now a different issue is whether the lamp you put over a
very small tank will be shining only into the tank -- or
will much of the beam from the lamp be overshining,
spreading out into the room and never reaching the
aquarium. If so, you'll want to take that into account.

Not that it can't be done, but you need to ask what you are
trying to accomlish with the Minibow 7, what kind of
planted tank you want it to be.  High maintenance, fussy,
easily knocked out of balance? Or low maintennce and stable
and slower. many of the fast growing plants that do well
with highl light, will grow too fast or too larger to
easily managed in a 7. And of course, for those kinds of
light levels, about 4 or wpg, you better be runing CO2. 
For low maintenance, a single 13 watt PC or T5 would be
fine for a 7 gallon tank. YOu coul dhave a fine tank and
not have to add CO2, although it wouldn't/would help if you

If you feel a need for 26 or 32 watts, consider stepping up
to a larger tank -- maybe a 15 gallon. At 7 gallons I
wouldn't want to more than about half the amount of light
from the bulbs you mention.

A nano reef would be a diff story, but a planted
freeshwater aquarium -- 1x32 is begging for work and
hassles and trouble.

Scott H.

--- Lorenzo Rota <lorenzo1961 at hotmail_com> wrote:
> Any ideas on which would be better for a Minibow 7
> retrofit into the stock 
> hood?  A 1x32w(SmartLite Kit) or a 2x13w(AH supply kit)?
> I understand that smaller tanks typically need more than
> the usual 2-2.5 wpg 
> that larger tanks are ok with....is that right?
> Thanks
> Lorenzo
> Santa Cruz, CA
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