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Re: [APD] how to switch from growing my aquascape to maintaining my aquascape.

At 12:48 PM 4/10/2004, you wrote:


A Couple of months ago I ask for some help about how to get my 20 gallon
tank growing well, and I was given amazing advice by you guys. Now, my
plants are growing so fast and lush, it's beautiful!

However, since my aquascape is reaching my "ideal", I've started to thinking
about slowing down the growth of the plants. I'm thinking about starting a
process that would take a month or two where I'd decrease that amount of
hours of light it receives every day (12 to 10), decrease the amount of CO2
(I use a pressurized system) I inject, and decrease the amount of
fertilizers I put in (I use kno3, kh2po4, k2so4, and tmg), until I find an
equilibrium I'm happy with.

Now here's my question... should I do this at all? Right now, I've found an
equilibrium where my plants are growing amazing, my fish are healthy, and I
have no algae problem. If it's not broke, should I fix it?

Is it possible to decrease exposure to light, co2, and ferts to decrease the
rate of growth of plants without affecting the health and lushness of the
plants? If the answer is no... I'd prefer not to do it. I love the way my
plants look!

Thanks in advance....



I went thru the same phase as you with several of my tanks over the past couple of years. The easiest way i've found is to adjust your co2 levels. Using it as your partial limiting agent will still alow lush healthy algae free growth, just at a slower rate. I've found that co2 levels of about 12-15ppm range will give you a nice even growth thats not overly demanding of your time and still keep things in check. At these co2 level i usually dose my macro's once a week, 2x on traces/iron. I still keep with the weekly water changes of 50%. I've had the majority of my tanks running this way for nearly a year now and havent even so much as had to scrape a spot of algae off my tanks.

You may have to do some inital testing for your tank based on fish load and other varients to see where your nurtient usage levels are - but when making changes its always better safe than sorry :)

As always, make your changes slowly over a several day period, but you should be able to be on track with your new paramaters within a week's time.


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