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[APD] The right Anubias for the job

I have some Anubias barteri that my angels wold rather spawn on than the 
slates, pvc tubes, or even the filter tubes.  Sometimes they cover 2 and even 3 
leaves getting all the eggs deposited.  THe plants themselves seem to hold up 
well to the scrubbing the fish give them before spawning, and they take it 
better than my Crypts, Aponogetons and even the amazon swords.

Because of the size my vewil angels get to, I am slowly converting the 
spawning tanks to the newly available 25-gal highs (12"x24" base- 20" high), which 
gives me about 16-17"  from the gravel to the surface.  Having seen Anubias 
frazieri that was 31" from rhizome to leaf tip, it seems to me that maybe there 
is a species that will grow regularly and predictably to around 12-14", 
allowing me to attach it to lava rock or driftwood and have leaves big enough to 
allow one leaf per spawn.  Since I never artificially hatch eggs but simply siphon 
off a portion of the wigglers or freshly free-swimming fry, I wouldn't be 
chopping the plant up at all.

If I may divert to the fish world, I no longer believe that angels have lost 
their parenting instinct, only that we put them in tanks where they are 
insecure, and that is why they eat their eggs.   I have a 55 gallon tank overgrown 
with A. barteri and Java fern.  It has four mated pairs of angels (I'm out of 
tank space for more spawners) and every pair has it's own favorite spot to 
spawn and defend to free-swimming.  Then of course the fry get lost in the jungle 
and either starve because I'm not providing brine shrimp, or they get eaten by 
the loaches and other angels.

Bob Dixon
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