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[APD] RE: Plant Stores in NJ


I live in Bloomingdale, NJ in northern Passaic County. Have you ever been to Absolutely Fish 1080 US Hwy 46 West, Clifton? www.absolutelyfish.com 973-365-0200 12:00-9:00. They have good plants but can be expensive.

Jerry Smith

From: David Wren-Hardin <amygdala17 at yahoo_com>
Subject: [APD] Plant Stores in NJ

The next phase is to add more plants. I'd like to
get some Anubias and some other stuff. I've poked
around on the net, but would love recommendations
either for a good website, or even better, a good
store to buy plants in north-central NJ (I'm near
Newark) to satisfy my instant gratification gene.


-David Wren-Hardin

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