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Re: [APD] Re: Moving several large tanks


I'd also be very careful in what you use to actually move the tank. I moved
my 75g about 3 years ago in a 5 ton removalist truck. At some point in the
journey the truck actually flexed between the two axels.. The tank, being
suddenly flexed from both ends, snapped right through the middle.

So definitely go for some kind of firm bottomed moving vehicle, or be sure
to stick your tank sideways across an axel.


On 9/4/04 2:15 AM, "Donald" <donalddavis at mac_com> wrote:

> I'm about to move 3-120 Gallon tanks.  At first I thought about doing
> it myself, since my friend and I moved the tanks into the house in the
> first place, but this time I am planning to hire movers.
> First thing is first, drain the tanks.  I am planning to keep some of
> the "old" water which will allow me to set the tank back up quickly.
> Also, remove the gravel out of the tanks, I prefer to store mine in a
> large trash can.  Basically, I try to make sure the tank is as empty as
> possible before moving it.
> Oh... the fun in moving!
> Donald

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