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Re: [APD] RE: algae and RO water

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From: "Thomas Barr" <tcbiii at earthlink_net>
Thomas, you wrote :
> RO water taste great, but using has no benefit for a planted tank. Maybe
> some fish, but not for the plants.

Well my plants have good taste too?
I don't see how using RO water WOULD hurt, after all , I have more money
than brains (or is the Brians?)
I appreciate your opinion but than the majority taken seem to like the RO
idea if for anything else I can control the amount of chemicals/nutrients
entering the aquarium. We have terrible water here, some of the ground water
pumped out of the water table under this city is a virtual smorgasbord of
chemicals. The copper levels are very high so is the PO4 of which their own
switch to a higher concentration coincided shortly aftert wards with my
massive algae bloom. I'm not a three fish per tank aquarist , I have a
balance between heavy planting and a large bioload, oh course the obvious
answer would be to simply do like most planted aquarium folks and have a
very small bioload . But I got into aquariums because I like a system with
fish, plants don't have much personnallity (well most) and some of my fish
are real clowns .
I do plan to build a paladium one of these days for some poison dart frogs
(Dendrobates auratus and D. leucomelas) and then it's all about the plants
but for now I'm going to battle this little problem and it seems that I'm
winning the battle , And yes you are right Laura, they are slowly dying off,
just takes time and that I have in bushels. Thanks all for the advice, Mark

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