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[APD] Re: moving several large tanks

In Atlanta, no professional moving company will touch an aquarium unlesss it
is boxed up in a special wooden crate built by them. I know because I
recently sold my house in the North Atlanta 'burbs and bought closer into
town. I had a 125, 90, and 65 gallon tank to move, and the cost of having
professional movers do it was almost as much as the tanks themselves were

The only way to make it worthwhile for me would have been to move them
myself or hire local labor-meaning Buford and his pickup truck. I decided to
sell my setups and get a 240 gallon tank after I moved, since the logistics
of moving an entire household and a bunch of uprooted plants and fish was
too much for me to want to deal with.

Movers will not just take a big glass tank and put it on the truck. Too
dangerous (huge glass shards) for the movers and too much liability for
damage to the tank without the movers crating it up.

You may want to get some estimates if you haven't already.


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