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[APD] RE:Opinions of Algae

Mark & Peta said:
>I found the culprit in the PO4, our own
>water supplier raised the PO4 to three times the winter dosage in
>anticipation od summer months , they just didn't tell us about it .

So you have special tap water with PO4 fertilizer already added!  Gee if its
less than 4 or 5 ppm use it straight from the tap.  As the plants use the
PO4 add enough tap water at water changes to keep your PO4 total at about 2
ppm.  If they stop adding the PO4 to the tap water you will have to start
adding the PO4 from KH2PO4.

If only you could get them to add Fe, and NO3.  Then your water would be

Steve Pituch

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