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[APD] Plant Stores in NJ

I am really trying to ramp up the number and
quality of plants in my aquarium. It's
a 60 gal tank, fairly high fish load. I've had
Swords that died, and other plants that never took
off so I pulled out all the stops. I boosted the
light to 120W, played with the substrate by adding
scoops of substrate to the 3-5mm gravel where I
have plants. I also started fertilizing with the
Seachem Flourish liquid, and I made a DIY CO2 system
out of a 2-liter bottle.

About a month in, the swords are doing great. Much
greener and putting out nice leaves. The Anarchis is
also doing well. Several pieces have grown to the top 
and curled. I assume I can just hack them back and
plant the tops to get the dense forest I want. I've
also got some nice algae going, so I know I'm on
the right track. :-).

The next phase is to add more plants. I'd like to
get some Anubias and some other stuff. I've poked
around on the net, but would love recommendations
either for a good website, or even better, a good
store to buy plants in north-central NJ (I'm near
Newark) to satisfy my instant gratification gene.


-David Wren-Hardin

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