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RE: [APD] (RO source) opinions of algae

Quoting "Quinn, Sherry" <Sherry_Quinn at ingenix.com>:

> A good place to buy an RO/DI system online is 
> www.aquaticreefsystems.com
> I've been very happy with them and they have good prices.
> Sherry
There is also a good person on Ebay that sells RO units. The name is 
aquasafecanada, don't be fooled by their name, they sell in the US too. Their 
auctions have no reserve and you can get a really good price on 5-6 stage 75-
100gpd RO/DI units. They have a feedback rating of something like 2500 with 
100% of them positive. I haven't actually ordered from them but have heard 
good things about them. I figure if they can sell thousands of these without 
having one person get pissed off and leave negative feedback, they must be 
pretty good to deal with. If anyone has had bad experiences with this person, 
please let me know... I am thinking of purchasing one myself.

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