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Re: [APD] opinions of algae

Sorry that I don't know your name yet so excuse me for using "Revance" as
your moniker.

Thank you Revance for your help. Sounds like it's time to contact Grainger
for the RO unit. If they don't have it (anything Electrical, I mean
anything) then it's off to the hardware store.
Will do ,,, Also need to add a DE filter but the prices gag me and I would
rather have a box type diatomaceous earth filter that uses a low
power/volume powerhead to run the water into the box with the DE and than
pull it from the bottom of the box and let it gravity feed cleaned water
back into the tank. I have heard great news on DE filters, but most are
forced and forced system are problematic not to mention inefficient so
letting the water gently pass down thru the DE seems like a better choice,
after all I don't need anymore than 20GPH discharge from the DE filter.
Also, good news, the algae most have known we are after it as the Phostex I
added is killing off the algae, just noticed this morning when I observed
masses of detached alage on the strainer heads of the filters (twin 330
penguins for my 50 gl. ) .
But this doesn't mean I'm not adding a RO sys. I will. It's so true what you
said about stripping the nutriants and PO4 from the wwater but then it's
easier to replace in quantity of nutriants needed.
Thank so much for the help,
Mark & Peta, Max & Sam Bethke
mbethke at socal_rr.com
8450 Canby Ave.
91325 3704
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> If your tap water has such a high PO4 level perhaps you should consider
> RO water. I usually use RO water in all my tanks and had never had an
> problem. I recently set up a small tank and didn't bother with RO because
> wasn't keeping anything special in it... I had terrible algae outbreaks.
> out our tap water has really high PO4 too. I slowly changed over to RO
> in that tank and the algae went away. IMHO it is easier to use RO water
> reconstitute to your liking rather than dechlorinate tap water and
> about getting PO4 levels etc. all worked out every time you change the
> Again, its just my opinion (I am probably greatly outnumbered). It just
> that every time you get a working process to fix up tap water the city
> and changes something (like adding more PO4 on you). RO water doesn't vary
> much... decide on how much of what to add when you reconstitute the water
> stick to it. After that, it's pretty brainless. My tap water SUCKS! In
> way possible, so it is much easier for me to use RO rather than trying
> to "fix" my tap water.
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