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Re: [APD] opinions of algae

If your tap water has such a high PO4 level perhaps you should consider using 
RO water. I usually use RO water in all my tanks and had never had an algae 
problem. I recently set up a small tank and didn't bother with RO because I 
wasn't keeping anything special in it... I had terrible algae outbreaks. Turns 
out our tap water has really high PO4 too. I slowly changed over to RO water 
in that tank and the algae went away. IMHO it is easier to use RO water and 
reconstitute to your liking rather than dechlorinate tap water and worrying 
about getting PO4 levels etc. all worked out every time you change the water. 
Again, its just my opinion (I am probably greatly outnumbered). It just seems 
that every time you get a working process to fix up tap water the city goes 
and changes something (like adding more PO4 on you). RO water doesn't vary 
much... decide on how much of what to add when you reconstitute the water and 
stick to it. After that, it's pretty brainless. My tap water SUCKS! In every 
way possible, so it is much easier for me to use RO rather than trying 
to "fix" my tap water.

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