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[APD] Re: Terrestrial Plant Sold As Aquatic Plants

Diane Brown wrote:
> I bought some nice sturdy "brazil Swords" before I knew
> they were not true aquatic plants...

I think you are referring to Spathiphyllum wallisii; they can indeed be
grown submerged for indefinite periods of time.

Spathiphyllum n : any of various plants of the genus Spathiphyllum
having a white or green spathe and a spite of fragrant flowers and often
cultivated as an ornamental [syn: peace lily, spathe flower]

I have been growing a pair of these for about 15 years underwater. They
grow very slowly & need good light + CO2 supplementation. They are
fairly resistant to epiphytic algae & have a light green color & an
attractive unique form.

Here's a link to pictures of terrestrial Peace Lillies:

Here is a link to a picture of an aquatic specimen:

Sorry but I don't seem to have any suitable images of my Spathiphyllum
plants available on my website.

Steve in Vancouver where Cherries, Plums & Peaches are in full bloom!

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