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[APD] opinions of algae

Greetings, Well I have the PO4 wiped out in the water but the algae is still
hanging on. Should I (gosh I don't even want to mention it BUT) use
Algaecide? I once used it and it killed off more plants than algae and that
was exactly measured taking into account the displacement of the rocks and
substrate. If I do you it againm it will be @ 1/3rd strenght or maybe 1/4?
I really don't want to cut back all the leaves but they are coated think, at
least the leaves are still alive. I found the culprit in the PO4, our own
water supplier raised the PO4 to three times the winter dosage in
anticipation od summer months , they just didn't tell us about it .
So what works to rid this crud.
All the best,
Mark & Peta, Max & Sam Bethke
mbethke at socal_rr.com
8450 Canby Ave.
91325 3704

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