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[APD] Moving sale

Here's what I have so far:
5 of them 10 gal dirt cheap , 20 gal, 75 gal, 25 gal marine reef tank,
custom tanks, loaded with everything pretty much. I'm keeping the CO2 and
perhaps one light set up. But is someone wants the whole shebang and can
make it down here, I'll work something out. 
Some test kits, Ca, DO etc. 8 w UV, 
All tanks with good lighting, Flourite/onyx or Eco complete, lots of
petrified wood, driftwood, most with stands. 
LOts of plants, Bacopa, L aromatica, Rotala green, Rotala macradra,
wallichii, Cladophora ball, M. matogrossense, Red cabomba, Hottonia, E
azuera, L acurata/breviceps, Utricularia, Mayaca, about 2 sq ft of
harigrass, Tons of L repens, Sag kurziana, A plant like Lobeia but not, Mic
umbrosum, lobed moss, xmas moss on branches, Pellia, Blyux aubertii and
japonica, some L peruensis, E diversifolia.Big Madagascar Lace plant.

Plants/UV are pretty spoken for spoken for, I'm more interested in selling
off the wood, rock, tanks.
I'm moving by the 24th April. Great tank deals. Fish and shrimp deals also.

Tom Barr

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