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[APD] Re: E. azurea

Dave Grim said:

> I just got a couple stems of this from a fellow list member.
> I have it in a CO2 injected 240 gallon tank with four 175 watt
> 6500K metal halide bulbs.

ooh! Sounds nice. I'm probably getting some MH lighting for a possible hydroponics project. What brand lights are you using? I'm thinking of going with Hydrofarm.

So what kind of substrate do you have? Kasselman recommends a rich substrate, I think (was pretty sleepy when I read her book last night!)

> member that gave me this said to_never_ let it break the water
> surface before you trim it.

That won't be a problem for me since my tank is closed -- regular flourescents over a glass canopy. But definitely an issue for an open tank with MH lighting like yours. The Kasselman book has a photo of the flower. It's really pretty. Maybe it would be fun to let one of 'em grow emergent just to get a flower?


Shireen Gonzaga/Baltimore, MD
whimbrel at comcast_net

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