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Re: [APD] Anubias to driftwood ? -- or - What's My Line

>From my point of view, durability is the prob with
mnofilament fishing line. After a number of weeks, maybe a
month or so, you no longer need the thread to hold the
plant in place, so it would be just as well if it did
"fade" away on it's own.  But he fishing line just lasts
and lasts and . . . 

Scott H.
--- Mark & Peta <mbethke at socal_rr.com> wrote:
> Hello all,
> How about monofiliment fishing line?
> I'd try the lightest line such as 4 lbs test line. You
> can get it in clear
> and would be rather difficult to see underwater. Also, it
> won't breakdown
> for a very long time. MarkB.

S. Hieber
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