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Re: [APD] Anubias to driftwood ?

It might be a case of the knotting rather than what to use.
But anything that holds the plant to the wood will do.
Cotton thread is nice because it breaks down after a while
and fishing line tends to remain of ages. A rubber band is
even shorter lived than cotton but it should not be very
tight, lest it squeeze the plant too much -- although
anubias plants are pretty tough.

I've used all three and like the rubber bands best and
fishing line least.

Just my own limited experience,
Scott H.
--- DEAN & MELISSA WILLIAMS <DMWILLIAMS at bigpond_com> wrote:
> Hi from downunder
> How do you attach Anubias to driftwood ?
>  I have tried fishing line but it became loose before the
> roots take hold any advice welcome.

S. Hieber
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