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Re: [APD] pH shock -- or -

--- revance at indiana_edu wrote:
> I personally don't like doing large water changes
> (anything over 30%). I know 
> lots of people talk about doing 50% and larger water
> changes but I would rather 
> do many smaller water changes than a couple big ones.  By
> doing frequent water 
> changes it actually keeps the water more stable and
> consistent. 

Not necessarily, but other things being equal, sure. Doing
continuous water change would be the most "consistent" so
long as you had continuous dosing of ferts, traces,
minerals, etc.

> Just because 
> your water tests are ok doesn't mean you should not do a
> water change. There is 
> more to your water than just the parameters you test.

You bet! Unless you have an awful lot of tests -- and then
you have to really like doing them ;-)

> Doing frequent water 
> changes will help to keep other variables in check. In
> reality the more often 
> you do water changes, the less drastic changes there will
> be.

Yep. So it's partly a question of practicality. Do 2 50%
changes in a row and it's only the equivalent of 75%
change. Do 3 and it's only 87%. With smaller changes, the
amount of water change gets even lower. Once you reduce the
size of the changes, it starts to take a lot more of them
to keep the water the same.

Tom's suggestion for 50% weekly has a lot going for it,
including allowing for estimative dosing, no excesses
building up, and only once a week changes.

Of course, for any number you pick, you can probably find
someone doing that amount, or that size of, water change.

Scott H.

S. Hieber
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