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Re: [APD] pH shock

Lots in the archives on this subject -- especially good
stuff by Tom Barr.

It's possible to run tanks with almost no water changes, at
least not for months. But that works much better with slow
grow tanks than faster ones.

The sort version fo the story is, for most aquaria, the
water changes over time water changes minimize those
changes. And there's only so much that it's practical or
convenient to test for. I think for many cases, water
changes are easier, cheaper and faster than a lot of

Scott H.
--- Robert Zink <bonsai at hrcreditunion_net> wrote:
> Thus spake revance at indiana_edu on 4/1/2004 1:37 PM:
> > IMHO drastic changes of any kind are not healthy for
> the fish.
> That seems to make a lot of sense from a common-sense
> point of view.
> So if this is true, I ask: why all this talk about 20%
> water changes, 50%
> water changes, 80% water changes...  ? And why so
> regularly?
> If your water tests are OK, why do so much water
> changing?

S. Hieber
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