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[APD] Eichhornia azurea advice needed / confessions of an Anubias Freak

Hi folks!

I am in need of some advice about Eichhornia azurea. Robert Hudson mentioned getting them in about a week or two ago. Since I've been wanting to get my hands on this plant for some time, I immediately ordered some. He wasn't kidding when he described them as "nice". They were gorgeous! A bit beat up since shipping will do that to any delicate plant, but after a few days in my aquariums, they're recovering nicely.

But I need some long-term advice. What are the best conditions for this plant? The Oriental Aquarium handbook describes it as difficult, that they don't last long as submerged plants. Has anyone else had experience with them, and what did you do to keep 'em happy?

Since I am an Anubias freak, I also ordered the Anubias nana Stardust, Anubias nana narrow leaf, and Anubias barteri Marble. Amazing! Those plants are absolutely precious, and I got nice generous little chunks of it! There are pictures at his store, http://www.aquabotanic.com/abstore/index.html , click on "specials". I could not stop grinning the rest of that day. Maybe I was an Anubias in a past life or something ... ;-)

Which brings me to the question of the day; it's said that some dog owners look like their dogs. Which aquatic plant do you look like? Me? I'm a big ol' Anubias barteri var. Coffeefolia. ;-)


------------------------- Shireen Gonzaga Baltimore, MD

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