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RE: [APD] pH shock -- or you have to allow for a few surprises

Quoting "S. Hieber" <shieber at yahoo_com>:

> Well, if you have no idea what's going on, then best not to
> do anything. Otoh, never doing a water change is the most
> gradual cahnge of all but it's often deadly unless yo have
> a really well balanced tank. Dong changes nmre often
> instead of less can actually lead to more stable water
> conditions. 

I hope you don't think I was implying you shouldn't do water changes! However, 
I am a believer in smaller changes more often (with an occasional large 
change) rather than huge water changes every so often. 

I was just trying to make a point that just because we don't know whether or 
not pH changes are harmful, you should still avoid drastic changes because 
chances are, there are other side effects (or causes) other than the pH change 
that can harm fish. Assuming you are consistent with your water changes, your 
water changes should not change your water parameters much... assuming you 
always use the same water source.

> Some things can make you paranoid and leave you enjoying
> the hobby a lot less than need be. 

Your right, I think people make too big a deal about darn near everything in 
the aquarium hobby... if you do consistent water changes, you usually don't 
have to worry about much. Once a tank is established, not a whole lot 
fluctuates. I had a tank (before I moved) that had been set up for a good 10 
years... I hadn't tested the water in probably 4 years or more. I never had a 
problem keeping fish or getting them to spawn. 

> Re ammonia, your plants ought to suck up any ammonium that
> turns to ammonia, what little the bacteria doesn't get (or
> vice versa).

Again, I was being very general to make a point. I agree that ammonia is of 
little concern in a planted tank. However in a non planted tank (with minimal 
bio filtration) this can be a problem if the pH spikes. I just wanted to make 
it clear that whether or not pH changes harm fish is irrelevant... if your pH 
is all over the place, your tank is not very stable and something is wrong and 
whatever it is, it's probably not helping your fish any. I just think this pH 
change argument is silly. Who cares if it's the change in pH, something that 
caused the pH change, or something that was caused by the pH change. Just keep 
everything stable and leave it alone.
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