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RE: [APD] pH shock

Quoting "S. Hieber" <shieber at yahoo_com>:

> Well it seems there are examples and counterexamples -- so
> it seems that it can't be the case that pH changes alone
> are critical.
> Scott H.

I think the bottom line is... most water parameters in your tank are somehow 
effected by each other.  It is usually a good idea to avoid making any drastic 
changes to ANY of the water parameters.  So your pH spikes and fish die... who 
knows, it could have spiked because a change in kh and tds and that change 
caused osmotic stress along with a change in pH, thus harming the fish (but 
you notice the pH change so you blame it). The change in pH could have caused 
the presence of ammonia, thus harming the fish, it could have been alkalosis 
that harmed the fish. When your pH changes, I see 3 things can harm your 
fish... the cause of the pH change, the pH change itself, or a result of the 
pH change (such as ammonia).  Because of all the possibilities I don't think 
we are going to ever know which killed the fish. Whether it was the actual 
change in pH is kind of irrelevant. However a drastic change in pH indicates 
there are other changes taking place in your tank. Even if the pH change 
doesnt hurt your fish, you should still be concerned about it because it means 
there are other changes taking place (that very well could harm the fish).  
IMHO drastic changes of any kind are not healthy for the fish. 
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