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[APD] Re: Killis -- and arched back disease

Ann asked about fish TB:

Fish TB does cause spine curvature. I'm not sure if
it's contractable from snails, but I know it has been
recommended that you isolate the infected fish to help
prevent its spread to the rest of the tank. Many times
medications can make the fish well again, but it's my
understanding that their spines don't go back to
normal. I'm not sure if the treatment would prevent
further spreading by the infected specimen. That being
said, I'm not a disease specialist at all, so all you
experts feel free to jump in and disagree. When I
worked in a fish store we always pulled them off the
sales floor because they were no longer vendible once
their spines curved. We had a New Guinea Rainbow in
the back, bowed as anything but healthy as a horse,
that ate us out of house and home for over a year.
(Any of you who have worked in pet stores know that's
a long time to hang on in a quarantine system.)


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