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[APD] Re: How do you guys do water changes?????

Is it possible that these symptoms of swelling coud be due to changes in GH,
rather than KH or pH? and would using hot water from a water heater that had
crud accumulated in the bottom from mineral build up create a wildly
differerent GH than the GH of cold water from the same tap?

Ann Viverette, who has a hot water heater that does a bump and grind with
build up -- who put the damn thing in the attic?

> From: "Poe Ratana" <poe835 at hotmail_com>
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> Subject: Re: [APD] How do you guys do water changes?????
> Thanks for your input. I think I must have some fragile fish then, since I
> observe the same symtom when I increase kH (via NaHCO3 addition) too fast,
> and there's no water changed involved, only the pH and kH changes.  Also,
> I add CO2 too fast (pH falls), I also see the same symtom.  I was a bit
> surprised that you don't think rapid pH changes can effect the fish, since
> so many discus information websites stress so much about it.  Anyone else
> out there have any comments??
> btw, I was using amquel when I said dechlorinator.
> thanks again!
> -P

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