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[APD] RE: HQI MH lights for 150 w bulb and a good price for replacement bulbs!

> From: "Eng Family" <engfam at telus_net>
> Subject: [APD] RE: HQI MH lights for 150 w bulb
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> Good find :^)
> Did anyone buy one yet?
> Cheers,
> Victor Eng

We are doing a group buy locally with some Reefer's  so folks are getting
the 4 or more price of 135$ ea. I'm going to get 2.
That's even tougher to beat that price. A very good deal for reef folks
also wanting a small cube 20-35 gal range or planted marine.
A 50-60 gal cube would do well for more relaxed growth or 2x 150w over a
75-90 gal.

I like Cube tanks and having two will allow a nice marine plant tanks and
FW version near one another.
I will probly get rid of the 20-25gals and switch to a 30-37Gal cube
Oceanic tank or custom build it. These are about the right size and also
will suuport the rim removal so all that's at the top is glass, Ideally I
will have the 30" stand glass also so I might just have the whole thing
custom made perhaps.  
But that will be later.

Good lighting that also looks good is the most costly item for Planted
tanks very often. 
Folks can upgrade to E ballast or lower profile fixtures later also. 
They also make 5200K HQI double ended bulbs.
Or a 5200K AB bulb
~55$ ea.

Here's a bulb for 32$ but not sure if it's by the case only, probly is for
32$ but it's the right color temp(6,500K), bulb and is cheaper than PC bulb
I figure a case would last 20-30 years if you had two lights. Splitting up
the cost of these is a good idea with other folks:-) Or piggy back with a
LFS. Most would like the price for resale. 


If I was a LFS, I'd have these in my shop. 

Tom Barr

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