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[APD] DE substitute

So, on my trip to the pool supply store to buy a ridiculous amount of diatomaceous earth, I found a product called "Fiber Clear", a cellulose based fiber dust that can be used in place of DE in pool filters.  I picked up a 9 oz bag for $5, to try in my Whisper Diatomagic filter.

The results:  Fantastic!  It took about he same amount of this stuff as DE to coat the filter cartridge, and was easier and safer (biodegradable, and no respiratory risk) to work with.  Also, it does not pose the risk of introducing silicates, and the resulting diatom algae bloom, into the aquarium.  I'm not saying this is the best stuff out there, but it is a little less hassle then a 20 lbs box of messy DE, still less expensive than indivudual bags of "Whisper Diatomagic Powder," and it works.


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