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[APD] Re: lighting efficiency coefficient

Scott Heiber wrote:

> I think you missed the point. The data is missing.

Scott has said this about data twice now. I have already agreed that
more data would be helpful however existing data is sufficient to make
first order predictions.

He asked why LEC (an estimate of reflector efficiency) would be useful &
I have answered that question.

> Only actual measurements would be useful and that's what's
> lacking.

This is incorrect!

Most people do not have a lux meter. Anyone who did have a lux meter may
not find it convenient to submerge the meter to take measurements. If
someone were designing a light system, they would not be able to make
measurements prior to building it.

The point of -my- posting is to describe how to estimate illumination
levels using only a hypothetical design & existing LEC data. If any
point is being missed, perhaps this is the point. ;-)

I also made a point about the current WPG ratings recommended for
growing aquatic plants. I welcome constructive comments about this.

I have sufficiently explained the purpose of LEC. Frankly, I don't see
the value of continuing to debate it with Scott. :-P [raspberry noise]


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