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[APD] discus in planted tanks again.

Plans are taking shape. redid my 500 liter show (rather high tech) tank
with more carpet plants ( 60 % surface space = tenellus and glossostigma)
and  a big E. uruguayensis . Tank has been  growing in for 5 months and I
already need to trim the carpet back . It is 2-3 inch high.  The tank sucks
nutrients like crazy now . ( I changed my substrate which was far too
coarse, now I grow any carpet plant, previously I had problems with all
rooted plants .  The plant filter I installed ( with one of those climbing
house plants, I forgot the name ) works perfectly . The tank already runs
at 28-30 degrees celcius for 3 months now and all plants can handle that
temperature ( so once more, with evidence; plants can grow in discus
temperatures , but I need a lot of CO2, light and ferts, no algae issues )

a week ago I bough 5 juvenile blue-turquoise discus from a renowned amateur
breeder here in Belgium. They are being raised in my bare bottom 250 liter
tank. The juveniles are about 5-6 cm now. As soon as they are about 10-12
cm long I will move them in the above mentioned show tank. ( 6 months from

Now my question on species compatibility: I have a beautifull school of 12
grown out 4 year old  Congo tetras ( phenacogrammus interruptus) thriving
in this show tank. All other species except algae eaters will probably be
moved out when the discus come in.
I was wondering if anybody has combined Congos with Discus? I am afraid the
congo tetra's are too nervous and will make the discus stressed. On the
other hand. The congo tetra's generally stay together in a school, nose in
the current , don't really swim nervously unless it is feeding time,
cleaning  time, water change time, spawning time . They are imho less
nervous than danios or barbus species . they don't seem to be territorial
and don't nip fins . Although they are rather large fish ( about 8-10 cm )
now , they don't seem to disturb anybody. They are extremely competitive
and fast eaters as long as feeds don't touch the ground. ( where discus
prefers to take its meal )
I don't worry too much about the bioload. The plant filter and overall
set-up sucks nutrients like crazy now , I really need to add a lot of
macro's next to the general "buggy" menu.  ( which will become more meaty
when discus are there )

If Congo's are too nervous for discus I need to move them to my back tank
or find a lucky hobbyist who doesn't mind a school of 12 grown out Congo
tetra's ( in the shop they are expensive , small and often sick , these are
a magnificant group)That takes time, hence my question on compatibility a
few months up front .
Can't wait to see those blue saucers in the "discus tavern on the green".

suisoman Dirk

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