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[APD] more on self ballasted pc lights

In response to George Booth's comment on the self ballasted PC lighting topic, 
yes many of these kinds of bulbs MARKET themselves using the incadescent 
equivalent wattage, however they really do make high wattage self ballasted PC 
bulbs (I have seen them up to 105watts... equivalent to something like 600 
incandescent watts).  I realize they are NOT as efficient as straight PC bulbs 
because of their twisted shape (thus wasting a lot of light), I just thought 
that since you could pick up 85watt 6500k bulbs for $30, you could just use 
more than you would if you were using the straight bulbs and still pay less. 
However I did find a good deal on some straight bulbs and a ballast, so I am 
going with them instead. I appreciate everyones feedback.

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