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[APD] Good deal on PC lights!!!

I just thought I would let people know about a pretty good deal I found. The 
online store www.petsupplyliquidators.com sells a 2X96 watt PC retrofit kit 
with reflector, ballast, and 2 bulbs of choice for about $200 BUT... this 
company sells the same thing on Ebay for $99 (and you still get to choose what 
kind of bulbs you want)!!! I figure a ballast, 2 bulbs, reflector, and endcaps 
cost more than that (or at least I haven't been able to find them that cheap 
anywhere else). The fact that you don't have to assemble it yourself and spend 
hours searching for the best deal on each part is just an added bonus. They 
also have some other stuff on Ebay, but I didn't price it out because its not 
stuff I need/want. I hope this FYI might help someone out.

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