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[APD] Metal Halid for my tank

I just built a new suspended hood for my tank, using 3X70W MH, and 2x54W T5 
tubes. This works wonders in the tank, but the problem is that it's so darn 
heavy it's a pain to lift up when I'm servicing the tank. So, I have been 
wondering if I should just by a nice suspended fixture of some sort. But my 
tank is 150x40x60cm, and all the fixtures that I have seen with 3 bulbs in 
them are atleast 150, and many even longer. I would like something that's 
around 120 long, and I'm guessing something like 3x150W, or maybe 2x150W 1x70W 
(but I'm guessing nobody makes this...). So, does anybody know where I can 
find something like this? Also, singel suspended MH lamps would work I guess. 
Does anybody know here I can find this cheap?

Kind regards,

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