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RE: [APD] Where to get Black Diamond, and a very good deal on nice lights.

> Tom, the 30 gallon cube got me. My favorite Amano tank is the 24inch cube
> book 2
> with the java ferns and shale rock lit by one MH. He definitely didn't
> a cold
> the day he put that together:-) So they will send stuff all the way to
> Thailand when
> I move?:)

I would suspect yes.

> Do they have a site on the net? Phone#? 


I'm not moving for another
> 2 years
> but it pays to plan ahead. Gonna check Mapquest to see how long a drive
> Huntsville. Could you take your digital camera with you? I'd like to see
> of these
> smaller MH lites if they don't have a site.

They do and they also have the spec's and pic's in their general catalog.

 That's one of the big complaints
> I have with
> MHs is their total shrug to aesthetics. Thanks, Tom, for the info.

Well, you need to look at the HQI bulbs then. They cost more, they are
smaller, you can pay a lot for them, 2x as much in many cases.
That's why this is such a good deal IME. 

Some companies make even smaller fixtures, 3x 4x4 but those run another
100+$ and need to be retrofited.
Still not a bad deal with the bulb no matter how you slice it.  
Replacement bulb temps run at 5,200K and at 10,000K, there maybe some
different color temps available(6500-6700K) but these are pretty good.  

Tom Barr

> Bill

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