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[APD] Where to get Black Diamond, and a very good deal on nice lights.

Okay Bill, they do stock Black Diamond leonardite, they also carry the
barley nuggets, a neat CO2 ceramic disc diffuser, all sorts of goodies, JBJ
nano 12 gal cubes, Flora base and the coolest MH lights for under 250$ ea
I've seen.

The lights are 10K double ended HQI's and come with the light, the cool
coiled hanging wire/cords, bulbs are included(!) all for 150$ ea. 

These are much nicer than those ugly globes and about 1/2 the size smaller,
8" wide and only 9" tall.
They also carry Acrylic and most everything esle under the sun for ponds,
lakes, and anything aquatic including fish breeding supplies etc.

They are very good about service and have experts on staff. They ship the
same day typically and are seldom out of stock unlike many places and they
tell you right away if they are or not. So even if you live in the middle
of Timbuktu, you can have things mailed to you via camel if need be. They
also do international orders.
So if you are after some harder to find items and supplies, these folks
seem very good all the way around, I have nothing but good comments about
them(Sales/prices, stock, service) and am going to stop down to meet them
perhaps a little later, they are about 1.5 hrs from here and I wanted to
talk to their tech staff about a project. 

2-4 of those lights over a reef or a plant tank 4ft would look nice. Also,
that 30 gal cube with a single over it would look rad. Placed on a cool
stand, this would look very sharp. At 150$, that's pretty cheap and in line
with PC lights and perhaps better. You can also use these closer together
etc since they are so much smaller than the big globes. 

Tom Barr    

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