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Re: [APD] Self-ballasted PC lights?

On Wed, 25 Feb 2004 13:30:20 -0500, you wrote:

> I was wondering if anyone had ever thought about using or tried using self-
> ballasted PC fluorescent lights (they have the ballast built into them so you 
> can use a regular lamp socket). 

I've been thinking of using these (note I'm in Australia so all prices
are AUD$):

They seem to offer the most watts/dollar vs other lights I've

I'd need at least 3 for a 5'x2'x2'. I haven't figured out how I'm going
to mount them. I had assumed I could mount them horizontally, facing
each other in pairs. Say on a custom made 30" aluminium reflector.

/-----------------\ Reflector
|=||||       ||||=| Bulbs

They work out cheaper than MH ($143/150w) vs PC ($80/130w) to purchase -
I added $13 each to the PCs to cover the reflector sheet. MH's price
includes ballast and reflector. 

But they are more expensive to replace - PC $67 vs MH $50, mainly due to
the cost of replacing the build in ballast on the PC bulb. 
Chris McMahon             Email=chrismc at bigpond_net.au
Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia     GMT:+10:00
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