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Re: [APD] diatomaceous earth...

How much are you gonna use this thing?

You can go to a swimming pool supply store and buy a 18 or
20 pound bag for about what a box of the stuff costs in a

That's probably the cheapest that you'll find it. I've done
one on one comparisons with the pool stuff and the
"special" stuff. Not a dime's worth of diff. I've also
tried some special grades of DE from one of the major
mineral suppliers for DE -- they package and 15 or so diff
grades -- mainly diff degrees of filtration capacity due to
the amount of calcination. You can buy finer stuff like
that, but you'll find that it clogs way too soon. The
really fine stuff is used almost exclusively in lab setups.

If you don't like driving, here's a place online that will
sell you a 25 pound bag for less than $20 plus shipping.
Btw, Aquacel is the medium grade of DE from that mineral
company I mentioned. It will last you the rest of your life
-- or you can go in with a few hobby buddies and it will
last all you the rest of your lives for about $5 or $6 each
;-)  .

Wear a dust mask, and wash your hands after handling.

Good luck, good fun,
Scott H.
--- Jared Morris <jmorris at infostations_com> wrote:
> I just bought a Whisper Diatomagic DE filter, and need
> some more
> diatomaceous earth.  I have seen it in larger quantities
> thant the piddly
> little bags made specificly for the Whisper.  Could I use
> any filter grade
> DE in my filter?  Any good sources?

S. Hieber

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