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[APD] Re: Over driving lights (again)


I don't have a light meter but based on my camera's meter the amount of
light emitted at x2 OD is closer to double than I had expected. Three months
down the road now and I have yet to notice any drop in light intensity. If
the lamps last 6 months I will consider it a very valid alternative and will
keep the fixture as is.

There is also this post from the past with more detailed results:

Giancarlo Podio

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Other examples are running two bulbs on a four bulb
ballast, and you can just guess the various permutations
wtih all the ballasts and bulbs out there.

But remember folks, fluorescent bulbs are rather tolerant
of how they are driven. Don't make the same assumptions
about metal halide bulbs. they are not so tolerant but more
importantly, under some conditions of improper operation,
they can explode, which most aquarists considerable an
unacceptable risk.

Also remember, that halving the bulbs on a ballast does not
equate to driving the bulb at twice the watts and even if
it did, you wouldn't get twice the light output -- as you
drive them harder, their energy efficiency drops. -- the
curve gets steeper (downhill) as the amount of overdrive

Scott H.

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