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Re: [APD] Turface is not black

The product "Turface Gray" in the Pro League line of
Turface products is mentioned in the PDF on the website:

Go to page two :-)

It's hard to drill down for info on the site in a logical
way. It uses a special information organizational scheme
known as Farchadat (spellings vary local)

Scott H.

--- Unit One <unit_one at freemail_lt> wrote:
> > I called the turface company according to them they do
> not make a turface
> > black or any black product. They only make it in "grey"
> is this what your
> > all calling black? 
> Yes, you are correct. Everybody on the net calls Turface
> "black". It  is 
> actually called Turface MVP "dark".
> The company makes no mention of the dark colored Turface
> MVP anywhere on 
> the site (AFAIK).

S. Hieber

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