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[APD] Water Quality Terminology

Hello again!

Yes, its me again, with more questions, but I promise these are the last ones for a while (until my next idea/problem arises that is! ;-)

I was looking at my city's (Brisbane) water quality data, and some terminology confused me:
It listed the Total hardness (as CaCO3) at 114 mg/L. No problems there, right?
But then it went on to list the Ca (as CaCO3) hardness at 58mg/L and the Mg (as CaCO3) hardness as 56mg/ml. Is the combined total the hardness we call kH? I thought that Mg contributed to gH, not kH. I am a bit confused here. Also, would CaCO3 be better at adding Ca in PMDD than CaCl2?
Thanks again for any help,
- Seweryn

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