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[APD] Need help checking my dosing regime/calculations

Hello all!

I am ready now to delve into the murky realm of PMDD and have calculated everything out, but I (and my confidence) would really appreciate if I could get some feedback on my dosing regime and calculations. Thank you very much in advance and sorry for the big post!

My tank:
150 L (~120L of water after gravel, wood, etc...)
2x30W fluoro (PowerGlo, and Marine White)
Heavily planted and stocked w/ fish plus shrimp
Fine gravel substrate, w/ Flourish tabs
DIY yeast CO2 (no reactor, but looking for the parts)
pH ~6.8 to 7.0
EHEIM 2213 w/ peat
kH 40ppm
gH 190ppm
NO3 ~10ppm (natural)
P ~0.5ppm (natural)
Changing 50% water every two weeks (shooting for a bit lower maintenance)

I was going to add 125ml of K2SO4 solution (30mg/ml concentration) into the 120 L tank only at every water change.

As for the Trace mix, (need checking of calculations here) the one I use has the following values:
Element %W/W
S 6.29
Ca (as carbonate) 10.0
Mg 3.62
Mn 2.88
Fe 2.73
Cu 1.25
Zn 1.0
B 0.09
Mo 0.0038

I was going to make a concentrated working stock, calculated on giving me 0.1ppm of Fe. Thus, 18.31g of Trace Mix would be put into 500ml of water. 12ml of this solution into a 120L tank would give me 0.1 ppm in-tank Fe. 12ml into a 120L tank would also give these in-tank nutrient values:
Ca: 0.3662 ppm (9.72ppm after taking into account tap water, from 50L added- water change)
Mg: 0.13ppm (5.96ppm after taking into account tap water, from 50L added- water change)
Zn: 0.0366ppm
B: 0.0033ppm
Mn: 0.1054ppm
Mo: 0.00014ppm
Cu: 0.045ppm (is this too much to be adding weekly, especially with shrimp in the tank?)

Now I was going to add some MgSO4 and CaCl2 to bump up the Mg to ~20ppm and the Ca to ~30ppm.

Does this mean I do not need to add Chelated Iron, or K2PO4 or KNO3?

Are my target nutrient levels correct?

I was going to dose the Trace mix at 12ml a week, or could I split it to 6ml twice a week? (if this is the case, would the first dose only make nutrient levels go halfway to their target levels?)

*Phew!* I think that's all!

Any comments or suggestions would be very appreciated.
Thanks again,
- Seweryn

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