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[APD] Tank volume and Filter flow rate

I have a 5'(L) x 2.5(W) x 2'(H) tank. (650 litres to 700 litres volume?) The glass thickness is about 1cm. I have a gravel thickness of 4 inches overall.

I have 2 units of Eheim canister filters. These are the 2224, rated at 700 litres per hour (circulation 500 litres per hour) and 2228, rated at 1050 litres per hour (circulation 750 litres per hour).

Those two filters are housed inside the tank cabinet. The cabinet height is roughly 2 feet.

Currently only one filter (2228) is running and the output goes into a CO2 reactor and  back to the tank. Somehow I felt that the return is _too_weak.

Is there any sort of calculation that I can do to determine whether I need to install the second (2224) filter or perhaps another 2228 ? Please advise.


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