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Re: [APD] Lighting reccomendation

It's not so much a question of too much or too little as it
is a matter of *a lot* versus *a little*. Two 96 watt bulbs
would be a lot. I think many would consider 2 wpg a rough
borderline between low and high lighting levels. Some folks
successfully run even more than what you're considering --
some less. There's no specific threshold of light where one
crosses over from Okay to Not Good.

I think you will want to have the CO2 installed *before*
going up to that much light. Simply by adding the CO2
plants will be able to grow faster and soak up more
nutrients. You will want to keep track of nutrient levels
if you add more light because high light tanks can get out
of hand much faster. You will have to prune more often --
depending on the kinds of plants, maybe every few days for
touch ups or at least once per week for more major pruning.

In fact, you might try just adding the CO2 with the
existing lighting and see how things go for few months. If
you decide then that you want things to happen even faster,
then go for higher lighting.

And remember, watts per gallon is only a rough guideline,
not an accurate measurment of the lighting effects of a
given lamp/aquarium setup.

Scott H.

--- JOEL CLARK <clarkattack at msn_com> wrote:
> I have an Oceanic 58 Show tank that is 36" wide, 18"
> front to back, and 21" deep.  I have been eyeballing the
> Coralife Double compacts that have 2, 96 watt bulbs.  Is
> that too much for my aquarium?   I see various articles
> that recommend anywhere from 1.5 to 4 watts per gallon. 
> I currently have 3, 30 watt bulbs, which is approximately
> 1.5 watts per gallon.  The Coralife would be
> approximately double this.  I am planning to install a
> pressurized CO2 system in the near future.

S. Hieber

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