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[APD] RE: algae

> I managed to squeeze out a couple of better
> microscope pictures if it helps someone.

> Brown stuff:
> Blue green stuff:

> // Daniel.

I cannot tell so much from the scopes, but you certainly have BGA,
Oscillitoria. 3 day black out routine.
Keep CO2/NO3 in good shape etc. You know the routine. 

With all that slowly rotting wood(all wood decomposes in tank water), you
get more detritus than most tank and then you have mainly fine leafed
plants which will collect the detritus. 

I would spend more time cleaning and "fluffing" the plants free of these
algae and use a fine net etc to remove it and/or a micron style cartiage or
a diatom filter.

You could run more fine mechanical filtration for the long term. Clean your
filter more often. 
You may need to clean your tank 2x a week for awhile to keep on top of the
other algae. 
3day blackout will remove most of the algae issues you have and also run a

Trim hairgrass down if the leaves are infected with any algae and use comb
afterwards to pull up any algae etc caught between the leaves.
Stem plants are easy to remove and pick clean.

Simply swirling the stem plants in a bucket for 90 seconds will remove
70-85% of most of the algae on a plant's leaves. So fluff the plants often
till you remove all the dertritus.

Also check in the corners and places you do not often clean/prune etc. Look
around for left over plant detritus.

You have thuis not so much from lack of nutrients etc, but from cleaning
Either way, it'll make your tank look good/better. 

Tom Barr 

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