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Re: [APD] Watts per Inch

Nope. The for 9-96 watt bulbs, the wpi increases as the
length increases. A 9 watt bulb is about 6.6" and less than
1.4 wpi. A 96 watt bulb is a little over 2.8 wpi.

Of course that based on rated wattages not what actually
happens on different ballasts. If you drive a 28 watt bulb
at 32 watts, you get a tad more wpi than with a longer 36
watt bulb. Same thing if drive a 55 watt bulb at 65 watts
-- you get a tad more wpi than a 96 watt bulbs.  Of course,
those slight overdrives probably don't get you much more
light at all.

So, as a rule of thumb, the longer the PC, the more wpi.
This is why 2 13 watt bulbs give a tiny bit better spread
of light than a single 28 watt bulb -- 14-15" versus 12.5.
And why 2 55s can give a better spread of light than a 96.

Scott H. 
--- Rachel Sandage <rachelsor at hotmail_com> wrote:
> I notice that unlike most incandescent light bulbs, PCF
> bulb sizes seem to be in some sort of proportion to their
> wattage - a 96W bulb is about 34", a 55 is about 21", and
> a 13 is about 7". Is it roughly correct to say that each
> inch of PCF bulb gives off approximately the same amount
> of light?
> I am looking for an estimate, not exact numbers.

S. Hieber

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